Important Announcement

This morning, former Delegate Charles Sydnor was sworn into the Maryland Senate and became Senator Charles Sydnor. Congratulations to Senator Sydnor! His appointment to the Senate leaves a vacancy in the House of Delegates in 44b, and I plan to apply for that vacancy.

I care deeply about the district and the people who live here. As an activist, I’ve been fighting for priorities such as a living wage, equitable housing, campaign finance reform, education, criminal justice reform, and the environment. I along with other activists have seen some successes in these areas, but as a delegate, I’d be able to work from inside the government towards achieving these and other measures which will improve the lives of District 44B residents.

I ran for Baltimore County Council in 2018, and had been considering running again in 2022. However, I feel that I can also do great good at the state level. There is so much work to do, and I pledge to serve the people of our district with care and commitment.

My activism over the last year has included:

  • Supported the Fight for $15, to help ensure all working Marylanders earn a living wage;
  • Organized support for the county executive’s ethics, government transparency, and small donor campaign finance bills;
  • Supported the Clean Energy Jobs Act;
  • Helped to organize a Baltimore County Lights for Liberty event to protest inhumane immigrant detention;
  • Organized a coalition of activists to support the Baltimore County HOME Act, to prohibit housing discrimination against renters using non-wage income;
  • Supported the United Auto Workers in their strike against GM;
  • Supported the Baltimore Transit Equity Coalition in their work to create a Regional Transit Authority.
  • Supported the Baltimore County Democratic Party with activities such as tabling at festivals and canvassing;
  • Introduced a resolution to the Maryland Democratic Party Executive Committee that called on the DNC to host a climate debate;
  • Participated in a Medicare for All action;
  • Organized around the Green New Deal and participated in the climate strike.

Whether or not I am selected to fill this seat, I will continue to work hard for the people of District 44B and the state of Maryland. But as a delegate, I would have greater opportunities to make a difference.

Under the Maryland Constitution, when there is a vacancy in the state legislature in a seat held by a Democrat, the Democratic Central Committee selects and recommends to the governor the person to fill the vacancy, then the governor makes the appointment. The Baltimore County Democratic Central Committee is currently accepting applications through January 22, then they will conduct interviews and make the selection.

Your support would mean a lot to me. Please consider emailing the Democratic Central Committee a note indicating that you support for me for the position. It would be even better if you can include a personal note about why you think I would be the best candidate. You can send it to, and be sure to include contact information for verification.

Thank you, and I look forward to serving you in Annapolis as your delegate.