COVID Vaccine Update

Maryland is currently in Phase 1B and will begin 1C on January 25th. Also beginning next week, Wal-Mart and Giant Foods will provide vaccinations to those who are eligible in certain locations throughout Maryland. Contact the Wal-Mart or Giant Foods locations listed for more information.

Baltimore County is set to vaccinate another 8,000 residents this week and begin vaccinating educators and BCPS employees. Baltimore County’s vaccine effort is in full swing for phase 1B, which includes the following groups:

  • All licensed, registered and certified health care providers
  • Front line hospital staff
  • Nursing home residents and staff
  • Assisted living, independent living, behavioral health and developmentally disabled group homes, and other congregate facilities
  • Law enforcement, firefighters, and EMS
  • Educational staff, including K-12 teachers, support staff and daycare providers
  • Correctional health care staff and officers
  • Front line judiciary staff
  • Those necessary for continuity of government
  • Adults age 75 and older

If you are included within these groups, you can use this vaccine registration portal to sign up for vaccination. The online form allows people who live and work in Baltimore County to request a notification for when they are eligible to receive a vaccine and appointment availability.

Please note that you may not hear back right away because of high demand and low supply. The state and the federal government are ramping up vaccine distribution, so it should be accelerating in the coming weeks. 

Regardless, you should sign up for the vaccine in Baltimore County here. You can also stay up to date with Baltimore County Executive Johnny Olszewski’s email newsletter, the Baltimore County Department of Health’s Facebook page, this page on Maryland’s current phase, or by visiting to enter your address, ZIP code, or location to view vaccination clinics available within a 50-mile radius. You can also find and sign up for the vaccines both in and out of your county at, a service provided by the Maryland Department of Health.  

Seniors can also call 3-1-1 to connect to staff who can help sign up for a vaccine appointment. You will be contacted once you become eligible and when a vaccine is available. 

Our office will continue to post updates as it becomes available. Ultimately, I want to alleviate the widespread confusion surrounding the vaccine and work my hardest to inform you where to go and what to do. I can reassure you that efforts will be ramping up in the following weeks, but please contact my office at if you have questions or need assistance, I am here to help.