Reproductive Rights

My video statement on Reproductive Rights

The radical right has never stopped attacking reproductive rights, but until now the nearly 50 years of precedent has held. But now that the right has succeeded in packing the Supreme Court with conservative activist justices, the right of a pregnant person to control their own body and their own choices is in serious jeopardy.

In Maryland we are better than many states, because the affirmative right to choose is codified in state law. But even here there is more work to do to ensure everyone has access to the services to ensure the full range of options to choose whether, when, and how to conceive, give birth, and raise a family, including the right to choose to terminate a pregnancy.

Anti-choice advocates like to call themselves pro-life, but if they were truly pro-life they would care about what happens to these children after they’re born. They would work as hard for full access for all children to food, medical care, and education as they do against reproductive rights.

I will always stand up for the full range of reproductive rights and access. We can disagree on a personal level about abortion, but each person should be able to make the choice based on their own values and needs. The government should not be controlling women’s bodies and women’s lives.

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