Baltimore County government

County Council meetings

Visit this page for details about current and previous county council sessions. Agendas and video are available for work sessions. Minutes (which include votes), agendas, and fiscal notes are available for legislative sessions.

County Council pending legislation

See the text of pending bills and legislation, as well as the dates of their dates of introduction, work session, and final reading/vote.

County Council past legislation

Find the text of adopted, withdrawn, and tabled/failed resolutions and legislation since 2009.

Baltimore County email updates

Subscribe to email updates from selected council districts and browse previous newsletters.


Baltimore County MyNeighborhood

This interactive map lets you easily choose data to overlay onto a map of Baltimore County, including district lines, properties, development history, and more.

Maryland GIS Data

Search a wide array of statewide data by geography and/or topic, overlaid onto a map. You can download the data for use into another mapping program.

Baltimore County GIS Data

Search or browse a wide array of county data by geography and/or topic, overlaid onto a map. You can download the data for use in another mapping program.


Election results

See detailed breakdowns of election results for each year since 1986, provided by the Maryland Board of Elections. For each election, you can find results by office, district, county, or precinct for both the general and primary elections. They also have election calendars, candidate lists, turnout statistics, ballot questions, polling places, early vote centers, and proofing ballots.

Find your poll, district, and representatives

Just type your address into the search box, select the matching address from the dropdown, and click submit. The "Where do I vote?" tab shows your polling location. "What is my district?" shows your councilmanic, legislative, congressional, and election districts. "Who is my representative shows contact information for your county councilperson, county executive, state senators/delegates, and congressional senators/delegates.

Maryland Campaign Finance Reporting System

MDCRIS helps you search for information that campaigns must submit to the government several times during elections, including committee details, contributions, and expenditures.

To find information by candidate, type their last name, a comma, a space, and their last name (e.g. "Doe, Jane") in the textbox labeled Committee Name and select the committee. See p.35 of the MDCRIS user manual for additional instructions.


Citizen's guide to zoning

A short introduction to what zoning is, how zoning is done, and the different kinds of zones in Baltimore County.

Baltimore County points of interest

A tourism guide to Baltimore County that highlights events, entertainment, and restaurants.